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We provide technological services and solutions to societies esteemed problems through innovation in Scientific R&D, Technology & Education.

Tenith Innovations is a global technological and scientific research company, with focus on delivering breakthrough innovations. We specialize in the field of R&D, Technology development and Creative Education. Our distinct field knowledge in wide sectors enables us to provide creative custom made solutions to all clients at every stage of product development.

We help students, inventors, researchers and entrepreneurs to make their imagination come true through cost-optimized creative R&D in the shortest time possible.

Tenith Innovations have a strong reputation for developing new products in the key areas of R&D, Technology and Education. We provide guidance to clients seeking the right solutions for their business and scientific problems. The personal attention that we provide to our customers is the key to our success.

Our exceptional research proficiency and prototyping help us blend non-traditional and futuristic approaches to deliver innovative products. We have vast expertise in shaping your ideas into perceptible solutions.

We are located in Watrap, Tamil Nadu, India and we offer our innovations around the globe. We believe in offering progressive end-to-end solutions by combining our research experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of the latest technology.

We are robust team of technocrats, innovators and creative developers who prioritize social issues and are very good at problem solving. We strive to be excellent solution pioneers in all technical fields.

We, at Tenith Innovations always keep ourselves re-innovating for improvement in accordance to the new technologies for serving our society efficiently.


An teenage scientist, a researcher, serial innovator, a software developer, motivational speaker, science campaigner, a professional coin collector and a teacher, started his research at the age of 8 currently he has 19 inventions under his credit.

He is a Global youth Ambassador of science and first Innovation Scholar of India. As the founder of "Lets Innovate youth" campaign, he motivated & interacted with more than 37,000 students worldwide.

He also bagged 17 international awards, 10 national awards and 9 state awards for his research and social services.



The Foundation of Tenith Innovations

Tenith Adithyaa, CEO, previously founded "Lets Innovate youth" a campaign aimed to improve the creative mindset of youth and to incorporate innovation & technology into students.

Started as a national wide technological & scientific awareness campaign, “Lets Innovate Youth” impacted 37,000 students around 23 countries worldwide.

To establish an innovative platform for inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs & corporates to make their imagination come true through scientific R&D, we have initiated our non-profit services with a small team, within few months of the campaign initiated around February 2011.

Started with a sole person, currently our key management team includes Innovators, Educators, Technocrats, Administrators, Legal Advisors, Testers, Designers and business people.

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